If you didn’t see just watch, especially the ‘Dirk didn’t deserve the MVP’ haters.

Please, I am begging you…
Let me just start by applauding Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz because he was truly the reason that the Jazz were even in the game at the end, but Dirk just one up’d him.  Dirk Nowitzki showed great poise in the fourth quarter of the Mavericks’ 97-94 victory tonight combining with Jason Terry to score 25 of the team’s 30 fourth quarter points.  In this Western Conference any team that wants to advance deep into the playoffs will need to come through in last quarter of the game; some of this week’s big games have really proven that true. 

Phoenix 96, SA 79 – 24-11 Phoenix Sun scoring advantage in the 4th quarter

Dallas 105, Phoenix 98 – 27-9 Dallas Maverick scoring advantage in the 4th quarter 

Did I mention the actual playoffs haven’t even started yet? This year’s Western Conference playoffs will be the fiercest in a long time, maybe ever.  Wouldn’t it be something if all four top teams in the West were upset in the first round of the playoffs; if it ever was to happen, it would be now.     



Last week there was some speculation that Brett Favre might come back to the NFL for a team other than the Green Bay Packers, but Favre quickly shot those rumors down.  This time the stir is being caused by Favre from an interview a few days ago.  In a news story from Biloxi’s Sun Herald he interviewed with a reporter and said that he might come back next season for the Packers, if they need him. (Here Favre Goes Again)
The Masters, one of golf’s great tournaments, starts today and Awful Announcing offers us some reasons on why we should watch it.  Other than Tiger Woods… (Watch the Masters)
Last Thursday, a girl named ‘Alexa Rodriguez’ was attacked by a hawk while touring Fenway Park in Boston, and honestly I am surprised that this story wasn’t a bigger deal. (When Hawks Attack)
Empty the Bench has a great list of the NBA’s top comeback players of the year. (Empty the Bench)
I don’t know if everyone saw the baseball scores from last night, but the San Francisco Giants actually pitched a 1-0 shutout over the San Diego Padres. (See it, believe it)
Speaking of Barry Bonds, Roto Arcade has some news that the Detroit Tigers might be looking at signing him and they believe if they do than it will be a big mistake. (Keep Bonds Unemployed)



Here is your fifth installment of a new column called ‘Top 10 Things In Sports’, a new weekly article that I write. Every time we go to sports games there are always fans holding signs that try to be funny, be offensive, or get themselves on tv. Here is your list of the Top 10 Awesome Fan Signs at live sporting events.

Needless to say, most of these signs probably didn’t get on tv.

#10 The Biggest Idiot Ever
It’s a great sign, but the stupid egg roll one next to it kind of diminishes it.  Where he lost points in sitting next to a douche bag, he gained back from use of creativity.
#9 Bench It Like Beckham
This picture is from one of the MLS games that David Beckham sat out last season.  I was there so I can say that it was a great game for the MLS, but everyone there didn’t pay sixty bucks to see the MLS, they paid to see David Beckham.    

#8 Everyone Hates Duke
I think the title serves this picture just fine.
#7 His Brother is the Dumb One
This sign does it’s job; it’s witty and everyone around the guy is laughing with (at) him. 
#6 Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone
There aren’t many signs out there that effectively insult the men’s and women’s basketball coach at a school in one shot.  Nice job, fake afro guy.
#5 It May Not True, But It’s Still Funny
A great sign overall: nice grade-A diss and a thumbs up stamp of approval from the guy on the left.  This guy does lose some points on the lack of historical research however; the first woman to graduate from Purdue wasn’t until 1878.
#4 To Sidney Crosby: You Have A Secret Admirer
Well that’s just plain dirty.  The five hole is the space between the goal-tender’s legs, if you didn’t know that already… so hopefully you get the joke now… 
#3 The Guy Got Ejected
The man needs to get some kind of award for that kind of determination; right behind Isiah Thomas, niiiccee.  He got ejected, imagine that.  At least the guy got on the cover of The New York Times.
#2 Mangino Is A Big Man
In case you have never seen a picture of Kansas football head coach, Mark Mangino, here is some eye candy for you.  I just want to know how this guy got ‘World’s Largest Underwear’ stitched on there.  Perhaps he is a fashion major…
#1 Best. Sign. Ever.
This will go down as one of the all-time greats.  The element of surprise is executed perfectly and it’s even better because the Indian guy has no idea what’s going on.  Good job man, you are truly the king.

Today the Olympic torch will take a stroll through the city of San Francisco in it’s only U.S stop before heading to the Beijing Olympics later this year. If you are in the San Fran area this morning I encourage you to make a cool sign and join the protest. Maybe you’ll get on TV. Google has even made a guide for the international traveling protestor. (Google’s Guide to Protesting the Olympic Torch)

This time of the year there are always tons of stupid brackets made, but ‘Why Don’t we Get Drunk and Blog’ has interesting one going on looking for the worst top sports blog on the web. I encourage everyone to rock the vote. (Suckiest Sports Blog)

After seeing Roy Williams in a shirt endorsing the Kansas Jayhawks at the National Championship, some people are starting to think that he isn’t full of shit after all. I am definitely going to have to beg to differ on that one. (Roy Williams’ Divided Loyalties)

Eli Manning is getting married soon to his longtime sweetheart, how adorable. (We Gonna Get Married)

Supposedly a report has just been announced that Kevin Love and Darren Collison will in fact leave UCLA for June’s NBA draft. UCLA may be hard-pressed to achieve failure in the Final Four again next year. (ESPN)

Not that anybody watches hockey in America, but Sports Opinion has their take on the first round of the NHL playoffs that are set to begin tonight. (NHL Playoff Preview)

The last few weeks John Calipari, Memphis basketball coach, has declared war on the media.  Anytime anyone in the media has brought up the free-throw situation to Calipari he has done his best to rip them to pieces and go on the defensive.  Do yourself a favor and watch these videos so you lose all respect that you once had for John Calipari.

Here is an interview with a guy on ESPN news, and you almost have to feel bad for the guy.  Johnny boy tore him to shreds.

Here is a separate video of Calipari interviewing with ‘Mike and the Mad Dog’.  Calipari avoided the free-throw talk and instead mentioned D.J. Augustin throwing up a free-throw air ball at the end of Texas’ loss to Memphis.  Calipari then proceeds to tell this radio guy that if one of his players (specifically Derrick Rose) misses a game winning free-throw than he’d buy him dinner.  Last night with 10.8 seconds left in the game, Rose missed a free-throw that would have given Memphis a four-point lead and likely put the game out of reach for Kansas.

I say the guy calls up Mr. Calipari and demands a good steak.

Let’s face it: no team is perfect in college basketball, and this year (especially) there was no definitive dominant team for the whole tournament. UNC dominated their first four opponents, but then they folded. Memphis had supposedly overcome their free throw problem, at least until last night when the law of averages came to life. Davidson seemed like it couldn’t be stopped until Stephen Curry’s big shots stopped falling against Kansas. And Kansas; the Kansas Jayhawks almost fell to the cinderella #10 seed in the Elite 8 and definitely showed it’s vulnerability almost blowing their 28 point first-half lead. It was clear that no team had been perfect this March, but somebody had to win.

The Kansas Jayhawks stepped up and did what they had to do and that’s really all that matters. KU shoot over 52% from the field during five of their six tournament games, and more impressively held their opponents to pretty horrible field goal percentages with their solid defense. With six seniors and Brandon Rush leaving, there is no doubt KU will have their work cut out for them next year. But that’s next year. They can worry about that later.

As for Mario Chalmers’ three pointer that tied the game, 63-63, with 2.1 seconds – that’s what greatness is made of.

Here is your fourth installment of a new column called ‘Top 10 Things In Sports’, a new weekly article that I write.  Here is your list of the Top 10 worst franchises in all of pro sports; both the history and the present are taken into account for the list.

Once again, let the sucking begin.

#10 San Francisco Giants 222-263 (.458, last 3 seasons)

The last three seasons haven’t even been about baseball in San Francisco; they’ve just been about Barry Bonds.  With all the attention on Bonds setting the home-run record, no one really noticed that the Giants were at or near the bottom of the NL West; but everyone will notice this year.  I think the San Francisco Giants have a real shot at going 1-161 this season.

#9 Los Angeles Kings 58-83-21 9 (.358, last 2 seasons)

During the last two NHL regular seasons the only race that the LA Kings have been in is for the coveted worst team in the NHL award, and this year they seem to have won.  More than them just being a bad team they own the rights to the third worst goaltending in the league and the second worst penalty killing; keep it up guys.

#8 Milwaukee Bucks 54-102 (.346, last 2 seasons)

The Milwaukee Bucks are the reason there aren’t many sports teams in the state of Wisconsin.  They have finished last in the Eastern Conference Central the four seasons since the NBA’s divisions were restructured.  On a side note, the Bucks surrender one of the four highest field goal percentages to opposing teams.  The other three NBA teams (no surprise) are also on this list.  And I didn’t believe all those people when they said ‘Defense wins Championships’.

#7 Memphis Grizzlies 42-115 (.268, last 2 seasons)

You can kind of ignore the numbers on this one because it could get a lot worse in the next few years to come.  The Memphis Grizzlies could become one of the elite worst teams in the NBA without Pau Gasol, especially if their draft picks like Mike Conley Jr. and Rudy Gay don’t work out for them.  At least they have younger brother, Marc Gasol…

#6 Miami Heat 13-62 (.173, this season)

Is this the same Miami team that won the NBA Champion only 2 years ago?  The answer, obviously, is no, but talk about a fall from glory.  This team went 2-15 in the month of March, 2-10 in February, and an even worse 1-11 in January.  To be fair this team has been banged up this season including superstars Dwayne Wade and Shawn Marion, but also to be fair, this team will be remembered as one of the worst in the league in a long time.

#5 Miami Dolphins 7-26 (.212, last 2 seasons)

The city of Miami sure is putting out some winners this year.  If anyone should feel bad about the Dolphin’s 1-15 season it should be the Baltimore Ravens who actually lost to them.  Come on Bill Parcells, straighten these mofos up!

#4 Kansas City Royals 245-399 (.380, last 4 seasons)

When I was looking up the Royals’ past few seasons I wasn’t surprised at all.  Everyone talks about how they suck and they really do sporting one 90 loss season and three 100 loss seasons.  This season things are looking up for a change; the KC Royals are a whooping 3-0 and could win more than 70 games …and…  still finish last in the AL Central.
#3 New York Knicks 109-215 (.336, last 4 seasons)   

The New York Knicks have been very consistent over the past four years, only the wrong kind of consistent.  Two seasons ago the Knicks were the worst team in the NBA and believe me, they haven’t gotten any better; others teams have just gotten a little worse.  Last year the stir was Isiah Thomas and his legal trouble, and this year the NYK have turned one of the greatest sports’ venues into the Madison Snore Garden.

#2 Oakland Raiders 16-71 (.184, last 5 seasons)

At this point, if I was a Oakland Raider fan I would be so outraged that I might just revoke my fan hood.  Whoever is in charge of all of the Raiders’ bad decisions should just quit.  And if it’s owner Al Davis than he should really think about putting up the team for public auction.

#1 Pittsburgh Pirates 552 -742 (.427, last 8 seasons)

The Pittsburgh Pirates won’t wow you with their suck factor as they fly a little bit under the radar because they no longer have any fans.  Don’t worry though, this team can definitively hold it’s title of ‘Worst franchise in all of pro sports.’  The Pirates haven’t made the playoffs or had a winning season since 1992, the last year Barry Bonds was on the team.  Don’t get too excited either because the end isn’t in sight, with 15 straight losing seasons, and counting.

What do you think of my list of worst franchises?  What’s your list?

With this year’s Final Four set as four number one seeds the upsets are done for the rest of this college basketball season.  The clock has struck twelve for this year’s cinderella teams, but here is my first annual All-Underdog Team of the 2008 NCAA tournament.  This list consists of players from teams that pulled off at least one upset this year and proved pivotal to their squad.

Stephen Curry – #10 Davidson (guard)
Steph Curry is the one that everyone has been talking about and rightfully so; he has been something special, especially as of late.  In his four games in the NCAA’s Curry averaged 32 points per game along with 5.7 three pointers.  He took big shot after big shot and until late in the Kansas loss a lot of these shots fell for him.  NBA Draftee, anyone?

Scottie Reynolds – #12 Villanova (guard)
In Villanova’s two big wins Reynolds averaged 23 points per contest on over 50% from the field.  Don’t forget that the ‘Cats were down big in their first game against Clemson and Reynolds was a big part of the second half comeback.

Tyrone Brazelton – #12 Western Kentucky (guard)
Brazelton scored 79 points during Western Kentcuky’s three tourney games including a career-high 33 points in the Hilltoppers’ exciting 101-99 first round win over favorite Drake.  Brazelton stayed consistent during the tournament and contributed in almost every statistical category.

Sonny Weems – #9 Arkansas (forward)
Weems really hadn’t played well since the beginning of March for the Razorbacks, but that all changed when he took the court against the #8 seeded Indiana Hoosiers.  In Arkansas’ first round win he managed to rack up a career high 31 points on an amazing 12 of 14 from the field.

Gyno Pomare – #13 San Diego (forward/center)
Junior player Gyno Pomare had a great tournament with 42 points on a 77% field goal percentage in San Diego’s two games in the NCAA.  He was also a big part of containing the #4 seed Connecticut Huskie’s forward line.

Michael Beasley – #11 Kansas State (forward)
Nothing in the tournament changed for Mr. Beasley as he was himself averaging a double-double in K-State’s two tourney games.  Simply put, Michael Beasley can have an off game, and yet still accumulate numbers that would be other guys’ best career games; that’s how good he is.

Kenny Hasbrouck – #13 Sienna (guard)
Hasbrouck really took charge of Sienna’s big upset over #4 seeded Vanderbilt.  In the first round win, he scored 30 points and sank all ten free throws that he shot.  He was also a big reason that the Sienna Saints were able to hang tough with Villanova for so long in the second round.

Today was the first day of the MLB season and you know what that means – six straight months of baseball in the news each and every day.  Brace yourself… 

There were some very good baseball games on today’s slate, the best of which was probably the Pittsburgh Pirates over the Atlanta Braves 12-11 in twelve innings.  The game went back and forth and just didn’t seem to want to end.  Another great game was the Brewers versus the Cubs, at least minus the first eight (scoreless) innings of the game.  Starters, Ben Sheets and Carlos Zambrano, pitched some great ball, but when it came down to crunch-time in the ninth inning it was a completely different story.  Two of the most under-achieving pitchers in baseball took the stage.        

You guessed it, Eric Gagne and Kerry Wood.  In the top of the ninth-inning Wood gave up three runs to the Milwaukee Brewers, as they took the 3-0 lead.  Then in the bottom of the same inning something extraordinary happened.  Kosuke Fukudome, Japanese native and cousin of competetive hot-dog eater Kobayashi, came up to the plate.  The setting seemed electric as the entire crowd sang in chant, “Fu-ko-do-me”, and on the fifth pitch of the at-bat he hit a home run to tie the game at 3-3.  Too bad for the Chicago Cubs that they still lost, 4-3, and still won’t end their World Series drought of exactly 100 years.  Don’t feel bad Kerry Wood, you aren’t the reason…at least entirely.

My personal pick for the World Series champion this year is the New York Mets.  They are pretty good and if anyone has a chance to dethrone the gross Yankee-Red Sox duo than it’s them.  So, come on, Johan Santana, don’t win the World Series for yourself, or your team, or even your fans – do it for the Yankee haters.

Davidson Deserves A Hug

March 30, 2008

Before this NCAA tournament, like most people, I didn’t know much about the Davidson Wildcat basketball team; other than they hadn’t lost a game since Friday, December 21 of last year.  That left them coming into today’s Elite 8 matchup with an impressive 25 straight wins.  And like I just said I hadn’t really heard much about Davidson before Selection Sunday and wasn’t a fan of them.  Yet at the end of the these last few games that I have watched them play in the tournament I have found myself rooting for them, even if that meant them messing up my bracket (which they did, by the way).

Davidson, the hero #10 seed, took down some of the best teams in the nation during their tournament run in #7 seed Gonzaga, #2 seed Georgetown, and #3 seed Wisconsin, not to mention playing Kansas, a definitive top four team in the nation, down to the wire.  It would have been real interesting if Davidson had the chance to play UNC next weekend for a trip to the championship, as the Wildcats lost a close 68-72 game to the Tar Heels in November.
As for Stephen Curry, and his 25.3 points per game this season (32 per game during the tournament), I think this definitely won’t be the last we see of him.  First, Davidson only has two graduating seniors on their team, and have to be excited for next season.  Second, and probably more important to Curry as an individual, he very realistically could end up in the National Basketball Association.  But don’t tell Curry that; if you ask him about his team’s success in the tournament, he’ll tell you what any good teammate says.  The Davidson Wildcats played as a team and won as a team.