Dirk Nowitzki can be considered clutch starting now…

April 11, 2008

If you didn’t see just watch, especially the ‘Dirk didn’t deserve the MVP’ haters.

Please, I am begging you…
Let me just start by applauding Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz because he was truly the reason that the Jazz were even in the game at the end, but Dirk just one up’d him.  Dirk Nowitzki showed great poise in the fourth quarter of the Mavericks’ 97-94 victory tonight combining with Jason Terry to score 25 of the team’s 30 fourth quarter points.  In this Western Conference any team that wants to advance deep into the playoffs will need to come through in last quarter of the game; some of this week’s big games have really proven that true. 

Phoenix 96, SA 79 – 24-11 Phoenix Sun scoring advantage in the 4th quarter

Dallas 105, Phoenix 98 – 27-9 Dallas Maverick scoring advantage in the 4th quarter 

Did I mention the actual playoffs haven’t even started yet? This year’s Western Conference playoffs will be the fiercest in a long time, maybe ever.  Wouldn’t it be something if all four top teams in the West were upset in the first round of the playoffs; if it ever was to happen, it would be now.     



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