Here is your fifth installment of a new column called ‘Top 10 Things In Sports’, a new weekly article that I write. Every time we go to sports games there are always fans holding signs that try to be funny, be offensive, or get themselves on tv. Here is your list of the Top 10 Awesome Fan Signs at live sporting events.

Needless to say, most of these signs probably didn’t get on tv.

#10 The Biggest Idiot Ever
It’s a great sign, but the stupid egg roll one next to it kind of diminishes it.  Where he lost points in sitting next to a douche bag, he gained back from use of creativity.
#9 Bench It Like Beckham
This picture is from one of the MLS games that David Beckham sat out last season.  I was there so I can say that it was a great game for the MLS, but everyone there didn’t pay sixty bucks to see the MLS, they paid to see David Beckham.    

#8 Everyone Hates Duke
I think the title serves this picture just fine.
#7 His Brother is the Dumb One
This sign does it’s job; it’s witty and everyone around the guy is laughing with (at) him. 
#6 Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone
There aren’t many signs out there that effectively insult the men’s and women’s basketball coach at a school in one shot.  Nice job, fake afro guy.
#5 It May Not True, But It’s Still Funny
A great sign overall: nice grade-A diss and a thumbs up stamp of approval from the guy on the left.  This guy does lose some points on the lack of historical research however; the first woman to graduate from Purdue wasn’t until 1878.
#4 To Sidney Crosby: You Have A Secret Admirer
Well that’s just plain dirty.  The five hole is the space between the goal-tender’s legs, if you didn’t know that already… so hopefully you get the joke now… 
#3 The Guy Got Ejected
The man needs to get some kind of award for that kind of determination; right behind Isiah Thomas, niiiccee.  He got ejected, imagine that.  At least the guy got on the cover of The New York Times.
#2 Mangino Is A Big Man
In case you have never seen a picture of Kansas football head coach, Mark Mangino, here is some eye candy for you.  I just want to know how this guy got ‘World’s Largest Underwear’ stitched on there.  Perhaps he is a fashion major…
#1 Best. Sign. Ever.
This will go down as one of the all-time greats.  The element of surprise is executed perfectly and it’s even better because the Indian guy has no idea what’s going on.  Good job man, you are truly the king.

Today the Olympic torch will take a stroll through the city of San Francisco in it’s only U.S stop before heading to the Beijing Olympics later this year. If you are in the San Fran area this morning I encourage you to make a cool sign and join the protest. Maybe you’ll get on TV. Google has even made a guide for the international traveling protestor. (Google’s Guide to Protesting the Olympic Torch)

This time of the year there are always tons of stupid brackets made, but ‘Why Don’t we Get Drunk and Blog’ has interesting one going on looking for the worst top sports blog on the web. I encourage everyone to rock the vote. (Suckiest Sports Blog)

After seeing Roy Williams in a shirt endorsing the Kansas Jayhawks at the National Championship, some people are starting to think that he isn’t full of shit after all. I am definitely going to have to beg to differ on that one. (Roy Williams’ Divided Loyalties)

Eli Manning is getting married soon to his longtime sweetheart, how adorable. (We Gonna Get Married)

Supposedly a report has just been announced that Kevin Love and Darren Collison will in fact leave UCLA for June’s NBA draft. UCLA may be hard-pressed to achieve failure in the Final Four again next year. (ESPN)

Not that anybody watches hockey in America, but Sports Opinion has their take on the first round of the NHL playoffs that are set to begin tonight. (NHL Playoff Preview)

The last few weeks John Calipari, Memphis basketball coach, has declared war on the media.  Anytime anyone in the media has brought up the free-throw situation to Calipari he has done his best to rip them to pieces and go on the defensive.  Do yourself a favor and watch these videos so you lose all respect that you once had for John Calipari.

Here is an interview with a guy on ESPN news, and you almost have to feel bad for the guy.  Johnny boy tore him to shreds.

Here is a separate video of Calipari interviewing with ‘Mike and the Mad Dog’.  Calipari avoided the free-throw talk and instead mentioned D.J. Augustin throwing up a free-throw air ball at the end of Texas’ loss to Memphis.  Calipari then proceeds to tell this radio guy that if one of his players (specifically Derrick Rose) misses a game winning free-throw than he’d buy him dinner.  Last night with 10.8 seconds left in the game, Rose missed a free-throw that would have given Memphis a four-point lead and likely put the game out of reach for Kansas.

I say the guy calls up Mr. Calipari and demands a good steak.

Let’s face it: no team is perfect in college basketball, and this year (especially) there was no definitive dominant team for the whole tournament. UNC dominated their first four opponents, but then they folded. Memphis had supposedly overcome their free throw problem, at least until last night when the law of averages came to life. Davidson seemed like it couldn’t be stopped until Stephen Curry’s big shots stopped falling against Kansas. And Kansas; the Kansas Jayhawks almost fell to the cinderella #10 seed in the Elite 8 and definitely showed it’s vulnerability almost blowing their 28 point first-half lead. It was clear that no team had been perfect this March, but somebody had to win.

The Kansas Jayhawks stepped up and did what they had to do and that’s really all that matters. KU shoot over 52% from the field during five of their six tournament games, and more impressively held their opponents to pretty horrible field goal percentages with their solid defense. With six seniors and Brandon Rush leaving, there is no doubt KU will have their work cut out for them next year. But that’s next year. They can worry about that later.

As for Mario Chalmers’ three pointer that tied the game, 63-63, with 2.1 seconds – that’s what greatness is made of.